Visibility Equals Sales

You care about your store. Your products, price points, and customer service are built for one goal–sales. You’ve made your pricing competitive. Your store is clean, welcoming, and staffed with smiling, helpful faces. Your customers are happy to come to your store and get what they need. So, where do you go from here? How else do you increase sales and margin numbers? The answer lies in whose perspective you’re considering. Just like in merchandising, you need to look at the visibility of your products from the perspective of a customer.

Signage Creates Visibility

Your customers don’t come to your store to do work. They don’t want to sleuth through a store and find those deals hidden in the aisles. Make their shopping easy! You want to show them the deals you want them to see– to highlight products and sections you want them to pay attention to. You can’t sell what they don’t see. A beautiful endcap, floor display, or stack out isn’t complete until you have adequately planned signage pinpointing exactly what it is that you want the customer to pay attention to. Point of purchase signage like this is essential. Customers don’t dwell long on purchases and decide which products to buy (and not to buy) in seconds. You can control your margins and enhance your sales with your retail signage suggestions.

Signage Bolsters Consumer Confidence

We’ve all had shopping experiences where a store is disorganized, messy, and generally unprofessional-looking. A customer buys less in that environment. Professional, detailed signage can help your customers feel at ease. You want them to adventure through everything in your store, not hurry to get the few items they came in for and leave. Thoughtfully placed signage can make them feel comfortable enough in your store to fill up that basket, and a full basket equals more significant profits for you. This has to be thoughtful, though. In the same way, not having signage in a store makes a customer feel lost; overdone signage will make a customer feel overwhelmed. Either way, the result would be the same in a customer that will spend less time shopping. Striking a balance requires an expert hand to get the most out of your sales floor and the most out of your business.

Develop a Signage Plan

You need a partner in planning out your retail signage. Whether you’re looking for temporary and promotional signage or you’re looking for permanent fixtures, Vision can help. We work with large retailers or small stores alike. Our expertise can help you plan out exactly what you need to get the most out of your sales floor and to make your work pay off. So whether you’re looking to renovate a whole store, or highlight a few specific products, contact Vision Printing and Graphics today, and let us be your professional retail signage partner!

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