The Right Equipment for Your Print Job

At Vision Printing and Graphics, we leverage the proper printing method and printing equipment to provide you with the best results possible. Your project might need screen printing for vivid, eye-catching t-shirts or large format digital printing for crisp, easy-to-read posters. One machine can’t do it all. That’s why we purchase and use the highest-quality printing equipment.

Screen Printing

Screen printing provides a better result than digital printing because you can apply thicker ink to screen printing, and it absorbs more deeply. A screen-printed t-shirt results in a clearer image edge. This method produces more vivid colors that last longer. We have four in-house machines for screen print jobs – three M&R Patriot presses capable of printing 52″ x 96″ and one M&R Patriot press capable of printing 44″ x 68″ plus two ultraviolet curing lines for curing the ink.

High-Quality Large Format Printing

Whether you need a growth chart for your medical practice office, a map printed of your new subdivision, or window posters for your storefront, you can get it printed at Vision Printing and Graphics. We’ll use our OCE 640 XT flatbed printer with an 8′ x 10′ bed, capable of 1440 dots per inch (dpi), or our OCE Colorwave 650 poster printer.

LED-Cured Signage & Banners

LED ultraviolet curing provides a new, environmental way to cure prints, but only about 10,000 such printing and curing devices currently proliferate in the printing industry. We have already moved to this cutting-edge technology that uses a better system than arc light. We can create breathtaking, long-lasting signs and banners for your business, school, or organization using our Vutek GS 3250 LX Pro LED flatbed printer. This workhorse can produce prints up to 126″ wide, and it prints 1800 square feet per hour.

Large Format Banners

When you need large format banners or signs, and you need them fast, we’ll produce them on our Vutek GS 320 R ultraviolet roll-to-roll printer using only 3M certified inks. Another Vutek workhorse, this printer produces prints up to 126″ wide, and it prints 2000 square feet per hour.

High-Speed Cutting and Digital Finishing

Cutting and finishing refer to a group of activities that ranges from die-stamping to embossing to binding to fastening to attaching grommets to laminating. If that sounds vast, it should. No one machine does it all, so Vision Printing and Graphics owns three cutters: two Zund G3 cutters, one with a 70 x 96″ bed, one with a 70″ x 126″, and a Zund S3 cutter with a 60 x 60″ bed. With equipment, including our Edward Segal automatic grommet machines and five industrial sewing machines, we can create custom banners, signs, tote bags, and much more.

Hemming & Seaming

Vision Printing and Graphics crafts metal signs, too. Our on-site equipment includes a Miller Weldmaster T-300 seamer to help handle hemming and seaming needs. In hemming, we fold sheet metal until the two layers become flush with one another. In seaming, the two layers of sheet metal fold until the two layers join and form a seam.

High-Quality Posters & Banners

We can fill your needs when you require a vivid, vibrant poster or banner that you can re-use, but it still looks new every time you use it. For this type of product, we print using our Roland XF 640 solvent printer. This lets Vision Printing and Graphics create an up to 64″ wide poster or banner for you that will stand the test of time using canvas, vinyl, or heavy paper.

Paper Posters

Whether you need paper event posters to hang around your school, point of sale posters, or posters to take with you to a conference for presentations, we can create a stunning poster for you using our OCE Colorwave 650 poster printer. It is made for this type of job and uses an instant dry method, which means your poster is ready to go. Need a map on quick turnaround? This printer has a map plotter built-in and can handle GIS files like those from ESRI’s ArcGIS suite.


Of course, you might want your paper map or poster sealed, so it keeps its vibrancy longer and resists tearing. We can laminate any of our paper posters for you using our Seal 62 pro laminator. Don’t worry about this adding to the time it takes to finish your print job because the Seal 62 laminates up to 1,000 square feet per hour.

Contact Us For Your Next Print Project

You need professionally printed posters, signs, banners, flyers, photo prints, t-shirts, and more for your marketing and communications. Vision Printing and Graphics can provide you with the marketing tools you need, all printed on the right equipment for the job using the highest quality methods and the finest materials. Contact Vision Printing and Graphics of Greenville, SC, for a project quote. Call us at 888.474.6619.

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