Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Have a trade show coming up? Let us help you consider all of the elements; portability, durability, set-up ease, eye-catching quality, a cohesive display, and take-home marketing – who doesn’t love a decal?

Trade shows and conventions are great public opportunities to market your business, and a lot of elements go into creating a booth that draws people in. After all, there would be nothing worse than paying for a slot only to be left standing in front of a lackluster booth with a handful of business cards.

Let’s Talk Layout

When you imagine yourself at the show, are you standing in front of a banner? Perhaps some A-Frame signs are bookending your display or a custom tablecloth piled high with stickers and other interactive marketing. The options are endless. What you don’t want is something that looks DIY – so invest in some elevated sales aids.

Here’s How They Work:

Consider yourself an exhibit. An exhibit is an experience that provides information and interaction with potential guests or customers. Combining smaller visual elements like table tents with grander elements like banners gives off confidence and professionalism to the people visiting the show. Keep in mind, a show is a competitive marketplace, and standing out is critical.

illustration showing a trade show floor full of peopleStand Out, Don’t Stick Out

There’s a fine line between inviting and overwhelming – another reason to collaborate with one company to create a unified front – Vision Screenprinting and Graphics offers many elements from which you can pick and choose. Have an outdoor event? Consider our Feather Flags. Indoors at a high-end show? Our coroplast signs add a multi-dimensional element. Having a vision means having a direction. A clear presentation translates to potential customers as an invitation for action. Don’t hesitate to create with us and enhance your presence.

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