Signage Can Boost School Spirit In Difficult Times

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has drastically changed the educational environment. Depending on the school district and local government, some students may be sitting in their classroom 6 feet apart wearing masks while others are at home tuning in from their computers. Students may be missing out on activities such as athletics and performance events or may not be able to see the faces of their peers in the crowd due to health restrictions. With all of these changes, teachers and administrators struggle to uphold a sense of unity in their school communities.

If this unprecedented separation is causing a rift in your school spirit, we want to provide a bit of hope for your community.

Managing Social Distance With Signage

We offer a variety of signage options such as scoreboard graphics, school magnets, personalized banners, and other printing and graphics services.

Identity is what brings us together, so why not show off your school mascot on a banner? If your remote students are feeling disconnected from their peers, let us design personalized yard signs to remind them that the members of your school are all in this together. If your students are having trouble finding enthusiasm for learning during this time, a gesture as simple as an encouraging poster in the classroom can do wonders for student morale.

It is of the utmost importance to keep your students and staff safe, so consider installing hallway signage to serve as a reminder of updated protocols so everyone in your building can maintain a healthy and organized environment. These are just a few ideas for ways you can use signage to boost school spirit during this time.

Let Us Help Strengthen Your Community

The possibilities for school signage projects are endless! We welcome consultations for projects not directly listed on our site. Contact us today so that we can help bring your school together again!

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