Showcase Your Business with Impact

Are you preparing for an upcoming trade show and need distinctive signage and eye-popping graphics to promote your business? Trade shows and conventions are great for rolling out new products or services or putting a new spin on your successful core products.

And the company that does the best job of these promotions likely has the type of signage and booth display you are looking for.

Make a Statement and Leave a Good Impression!

Now is the ideal time to design new graphics and implement them as an integral part of your trade show booth. Why not challenge yourself to create the signage and graphics that:

  • Make a Statement
  • Leave a Good Impression
  • Become One of The Things Customers Can’t-Wait to See, Year After Year!

Create a ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Booth to Set Your Brand Apart from the Crowd!

Those companies with iconic logos tell the public their story. The ‘Golden Arches,’ ‘an insurance-selling lizard,’ ‘a team of Clydesdale Horses pulling a wagon of beer,’ are all icons that don’t have to say a word about who they are or what they sell.

Be that company at your next trade show and every trade show after that!

Incorporate your company logo as the centerpiece of your new trade show booth graphics and signs, so you can have a trade show booth that is not a duplicate of every other booth.

Vision Printing and Graphics can create the signage and graphics that set you apart from the crowd. It will no longer matter where your booth is located. You have the booth that is the talk of the trade show! A trade show booth by Vision Printing and Graphics will improve your corporate presence and leave a lasting impression on attendees. Contact us today for an estimate.

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