Promote Your Business On The Road

Picture in your mind, you are leaving the grocery store after picking up a few items, and someone is standing by your vehicle taking a picture of the phone number, social media info, email, and website of your business depicted on your vehicle wrap. You get closer and greet the person. The person tells you that they were attracted by the colorful design and pictures on the vehicle wrap and asks you for more information about your business.

Your Vehicle Can Be Your Top Salesperson

Imagine making a delivery or service call to a resident or business. Picture in your mind the people in the next-door residence or business who might be writing down your business information to contact you later because they realize they need your product or service as well. Maybe they see you by your vehicle and rush out to talk to you personally.

Picture in your mind being stopped at a stoplight. Another car pulls up beside you or behind you. The person in the car thinks to themselves, hmmm, I’ve been looking for something like that. The person takes a picture of your vehicle wrap (consisting of your business contact information) and then smiles and waves. Your vehicle can be one of your best opportunities to gain a new customer.

The Results

Wherever you and your vehicle go, many people will see the bright, vibrant business name, logo, action photos, and contact information on a day-to-day basis. Attracting this much attention takes less time than passing out fliers or getting that many people to follow your social media accounts.

Thanks to cell phones with cameras, people can take a picture of your vehicle wrap while walking or stopped beside your vehicle rather than having to find a pen and paper and write the information down. If there is no pen, paper, or time to write it down, your information is lost, and you miss an opportunity.

If your vehicle wrap is eye-catching and compelling, people may take a picture of it and share it on their social media accounts even if they cannot use your product or service at that time. It’s like having a mobile billboard. The more people who see it and can gather the contact information, the more business you can do.

What Can We Wrap For You?

Vision Printing and Graphics can bring imagination to fruition. We can wrap vehicles, from golf carts to tractor-trailers, transforming them into mobile billboards, but can also wrap benches, buildings, sidewalks, and more. Contact us for a consultation and quote.

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