Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs are an economical way to get the word out about your business or candidate. Weatherproof coroplast is lightweight, takes color well, and can be really inexpensive.

Placement can affect the effectiveness of the sign. It’s best to place the sign in the front yard of a home on the market. Directional signs can also help show prospective clients where the home is located.

Eye-Catching Design

A well-designed sign is simple and uncluttered. Who you are. What you do. How do I contact you? You have one second to be noticed, so don’t fill out the sign with all your bullet points and the company mission statement. Make it easy for the potential client to get to you for more information (a website link or a phone number). A poorly designed sign, filled to “make the most of your money,” will throw your money away if the commuter can’t read the small type at 45 mph. Since we have a large variety of sizes available, you can also have us cut your coroplast into almost any custom shape!

Coroplast is also suitable for schools, churches, and businesses for easy-to-post signage inside as well. Since it’s lightweight, you can hang it from the ceiling to help with sales or way-finding. With custom cutting, props and theatre pieces are cheap and easy to move between scenes.

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