Window Perfs

Make Your Panes Powerful

Window perfs are similar to window decals. These also serve as vibrant canvases making your panes a powerful, dynamic graphic. You can get your company name and message out, provide privacy from the outside, and still have a clear view from the inside. Our window perf material acts as a billboard on one side, and a barely noticeable window tint on the other side.
Window perfs are a great attention-getter for displaying your logo, slogan, or even a mural of sorts. All while letting your staff have easy access to the outside world. We have installed many of them in schools to provide a little more security for the students within. Entries and vestibules can have attractive school colors and mascots from the outside while providing the security officer and receptionist with a clear view of visitors.
Our experienced artists can help you craft a simple logo treatment, or complex mural to make a plain bank of windows something special. Design a decor, further a message, and tell a story! We can help you navigate a material that appears to be solid but is actually a honeycombed mesh.
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