Wayfinding Signs

Navigate with Ease

The power of wayfinding signs is in creating a silent navigation system for your space, guiding visitors effortlessly from A to B. The purpose is to not only inform, but enhance the user experience by being a “good host” to the unfamiliar guests, eliminating any confusion, and creating a cohesive corporate look from the parking lot to the lobby, to wherever a person may need to go.

The benefits are often overlooked. You know your way around your building, but does the new client? The HVAC repair team? The delivery person? Even on a guided tour, visual cues help the new visitor feel they are welcomed because you took the time and investment to be clear. Time is money, time efficiency is part of that value! Providing an easy way to get from the conference room to the restroom frees up the staff from playing hall monitors for adults. The branding can also be carried through, again showcasing your forethought in every detail. Further proof you will take care of your clients’ smallest requests. Finally, the safety and compliance of emergency exits and other essential facilities are crucial to any space you control. You can meet regulatory compliance and create a cohesive environment at the same time.

A well-designed plan from the curb to your loading dock is vital. Make clarity and brevity your goals. High-contrast color choices and proper size for viewing angles must be thought out carefully. Yes, the use of your corporate logo, typestyle, and colors is important, but how these are utilized with universal symbols that are recognized in our multilingual world furthers your corporate principles. Logical placement is your key to success at intersections, entries, walkways, and corridors. We can help design a look, and work out how and where signage should be installed.