Vehicle Wraps

Drive Home Your Message

An actual “mobile billboard,” vehicle wraps are a great way to get double use out of your corporate vehicles. You’re already using them on the road, make the square footage a message to those around you. You can go understated or sensational. Muted low contrast or big and bold. Tailoring your corporate voice is vital to keeping this promotional tool in line with your overall business model. With the right application (literally) of large decals or full wraps, you can transform any car, truck, van, or bus, into a story-telling accessory to your marketing plan.

The benefits of a thoughtful design extend from the aesthetics. You’re providing a way to showcase your business and provide a way for potential customers to learn more. As a branded vehicle, your arrival is an immediate introduction to a job site, venue, or service. You are telling the customer your business has arrived!

Our experienced staff can take your VIN and pull up your vehicle template to get the basic measurements and details. From there we can arrive at a price and get some design ideas worked out. We can help you showcase your logo and slogan, using your colors and typography to pull all sides of your vehicle into one big advertisement. With our 3M laminated vinyl, you can get several years of life while maintaining vivid color coverage. Ultimately, a well-designed wrap introduces you to new clients and reminds current customers that your business is forward-moving.