Set the Stage with Your Branding

Make a first and lasting impression at your next corporate event with custom-branded convention tablecloths. Designed to enhance your brand visibility, these tablecloths serve to stake your claim to your square footage in a powerful, planned out, way. The professional image it creates is a must for your company.

The benefits are four-fold:
    1. Brand recognition in a crowd showcasing your logo, your colors, and your tagline, are all prominently displayed.
    2. Professionalism by instantly transforming any space into a polished and cohesive corporate environment that demonstrates your quality and attention to detail.
    3. Versatility for conventions, trade shows, or any gathering where you need to have a tailored appearance.
    4. Durability of materials, your image, and your investment in displaying your wares or services on point and on purpose.
As with any project in branding, a well-designed tablecloth is yet another tool in your toolbox. The brand elements must be easily recognizable in a lean and clean layout. Choosing the right colors from your palette reinforces brand strategy. Dark on light, light on dark? Complimentary colors? Position? Repetition? There are many ways to put the spotlight on your identity, we can help you ensure a style that meets functionality to get the attention you need.