Personalized Magnets showcase your product, service, or interests with a step up from decals. We print directly on magnetic material (regular and vehicle grade) for a great color yield. So, whether you want giveaway items to your customers, add important information to utility areas, or you need to easily brand and then unbrand a vehicle, magnets allow flexibility in form and function.

Do you need a memorable gift? A calendar with your logo that will be on a fridge for years? A photo magnet with a special message? An association or club identifier for your car? The benefits of branding so many different applications are easy to see. People use magnets, so why not provide your branding and contact information too?

A well-designed magnet with a quick, clear message will serve you for years to come. Since we can cut magnets into any custom shape, you are not limited by stale rectangles or circles anymore. We can also work with you on sizes and multiple series. If you need to add utility instructions or numbers to metal boxes, poles, etc., we can help you set up sequential numbering, barcodes, and QR codes.