License Plates

Drive Traffic to Your Business

License Plates or Tags can give your company fleet, or motivated customers, a personalized touch of your unique identity. Do you want all of your vehicles to have your logo and or slogan on a tag? Do your customers want to show off their support for your business, ministry, or association? Stand out on the road with a custom tag! Make a statement or leave a lasting impression with your message in your style.

The benefits are clear, you’ve taken the time to brand even your vehicle, and your loyal customers want to include your logo on their cars! This goodwill can’t be bought—so make some company tags as giveaways or gifts. This sort of free advertising builds curiosity and loyalty.

The 12″x 6″ space is small but mighty. Our design staff can help you take full advantage of the front-facing square footage with a layout that will get attention on the road or parking lot. And since we print several per sheet, you can easily get a collection of colors or alternate designs in a press run. The color printing process yields strong, beautiful results, so take full advantage of the color gamut available.