Foamboard Posters

Lightweight, Budget-Friendly Signage

Convey your information quickly and clearly with attractive but functional signage. Since we print directly on foam board, this budget-friendly option works well with retail, advertising, wayfinding, and even decor. Light and easy to handle and affix, foam core boards have dozens of uses to get information out to the public. It takes color very well and we can cut it to your special shapes in no time.

Well-planned placards are a powerful tool in getting your branding and marketing high visibility when customers (and potential customers) are actually looking for assistance. Eye-catching designs coupled with easy-to-read information can be used to not only provide knowledge of your features but also include unconsidered options to your audience. While someone is looking for X, you can also provide Y. And since foam core posters are relatively inexpensive, you can swap out price changes, or limited offers very easily. We’ve created a series of such placards for conventions, allowing the end-user to swap our daily itineraries by popping one placard off a kiosk and affixing the next day’s in just seconds.

Let our art staff help you distill your message and details into user-friendly designs. The right font, color, contrast, and tabs can help your clients get the information they need with speed and ease. We have decades of experience making complicated signage simple.