Floor Decals

Make Navigating Easy

The primary purpose of floor decals is to aid your customers and clients in wayfinding and navigation. Well-thought-out plans for your floor decals will help you serve as “good hosts” to your spaces by providing clear directions and enhancing the overall user experience. This is true not only in retail stores but also in service and event venues. Used with forethought, you can guide large crowds more easily and efficiently with fewer on-site staff.

One of the big benefits of floor graphics is the extra marketing and promotional opportunities. Not only driving traffic but mini commercials for your goods and services can be added to graphics. Make unused floor space into a dynamic advertising medium. This type of adhesive graphic can be used on hardwood, tile, and carpet. We have specialty options for sidewalks and concrete as well. Beyond the sales and navigation are the safety and compliance features. A clearly designed set of instructions can delineate distancing requirements, hazard warnings, and safety instructions.

Simple, easy-to-understand text is the goal, but with a well-designed plan, you can include your corporate colors and fonts, add logos, and include your “voice” to otherwise informational graphics. We can help you with the designs and cut out distinctive, eye-catching shapes. Large or small quantities are no problem either!