Feather Flags

Grab Attention Quick

The purpose of feather flags is to get attention. Are you promoting your business or service? Are you helping your customers find the entry? Are you trying to be seen in a large outdoor venue? Feather flags are a perfect tool for getting your customers to you. These flags come in various shapes called feather, teardrop, rectangular, angled, blade, quill, etc. with straight, arc, and bevel bottom cuts. They are often printed on both sides, but you can get a one-sided version. There are a variety of heights available as well as stand options (cross stands, weighted stands, and ground stakes). All flags come with handy carrying cases for easy transportation and storage.

The benefits are enormous. Standing tall and proud, using bright colors and clear text, these flags are engaging and effective. Each flag is tall but takes up very little space on the ground. Perfect for customization, and with the intrinsic compact canvas area, less is much more. Use indoors or out, with basic care, they can last for years with intermittent use. Kept outside, you can expect one to two years due to sun bleaching and wind.

As always, the design plan is key to creating a good overall look. We have created single flags as well as a whole series of flags. For the cost-conscious, we can help you design a pattern template that can be grown as you add more flags while keeping a cohesive brand that ties multiple flags to your one style.