Easel Back Displays

Stand Out from the Crowd

Easel Back Displays help you stake out your ground with a personality or product with an easy-to-position, dramatic display. With a celebrity endorsement or an enlarged photo of your product on hand and standing in a traffic flow, you are literally nose to nose with your clients. Immediately engaging and drawing attention to your goods and services.

The unique communication conveys information in a very concise manner. Easel Back Displays are very economical, lightweight, and flexible. Whether you stand one on the convention floor, lobby, display window, or at meet and greets, a full-sized standee is an effective advertisement. Smaller tabletop versions are also easily produced in any shape. The easel component folds down flat and easily folds out and locks down.

The design is very important: a high-resolution photo is a must for this sort of marketing tool. A short headline, if any text is used at all, must be brief and to the point. Our Vision art staff can help you craft one after a technical preflight of any provided photographs. Easel Back Displays can be fabricated on foam core board, gator board, and coroplast to fit your budget. Our engineer will design the easel portion to keep your standee standing well. (Other related options are gator board or ultra board kiosks with iron board base sets.)