Ceiling Tiles

Drop ceilings are nearly everywhere. They are universally ignored spaces. But you can take full advantage of this blank canvas now! Vision can print directly on ceiling tiles. You do not lose any of the acoustic properties, nor are these any different in installation, they are regular ceiling tiles, but with your art, colors, and message printed on them. Whether you need to transform an office, school, church, or public area, you can now totally transform the atmosphere with purpose and vision.

This method of transforming the mundane into creative effectively elevates your scope. Add some color, and a little flair, or go all in with art and text—you will totally remake your room by claiming the ceiling back! Schools have had a lot of fun adding children’s art, mascots, and more to their tiles. Some cover a whole room; some use strategic tiles or make visual “paths” through a venue. Be bold! Have fun with it.

As with any daring design idea like this, the layout is vital to making the message sing. We can help you visualize how your tiles will look with a rendering first. Whether we design a corporate look or round up a class’s hand-made art, we are here to help with the overall effectiveness of the purpose of your finished skyward panorama!