The purpose of vinyl banners is to get a message out. Now, whether you need to make a quick announcement at an intersection or over your business entrance, or if you need to display a message for a long period of time, banners are a cost-effective method to communicate with a large canvas. By design, banners grab attention by being large and not part of the environment or venue in which they are displayed. Best used with the least amount of text, these projects are versatile vibrant, and easily tailored to meet your specific communication goals.

Vision fabricates banners in-house with quality vinyl and inks made to withstand the elements. In direct sunlight with the normal amount of wind, your banners can still be in good shape and great color for three to six months. Mounted in the shade or used indoors, your banners can last for years.

The art of capturing attention in a world of other pieces fighting for attention is in the fine details of your plan. Craft your text to the least number of words possible—your audience will glance at a banner that has turned into a brochure. Choose the right colors and graphics to enhance clarity while still emphasizing your style. Be distinct and clear to have the impact you need to promote and inform. Our artists have decades of experience making banners in all available sizes, we’re here to help you make your event or promotion unforgettable!