Acrylic Photos with Stand offs

Getting your photos printed on acrylic is an excellent method for showcasing corporate identity, motivational images, artistic creations, or even cherished memories. Paired with stand-off pegs, this method enhances any venue with a sophisticated, visually pleasing display. Used as a single piece or in a series, the “wow” factor is off the charts with a modern, gallery-like presentation.

3-D Appearance

These pieces with stand-off pegs achieve a unique, three-dimensional appearance by printing on the back of the acrylic material. Called “second surface,” printing on the back gives the photo or graphic a thickness and glassy feel. The stand-off pegs further contribute to the presentation of seemingly floating on the wall. Purposeful lighting will add a shadow to each, furthering this effect. The overall impact of this presentation elevates the entire area to an “on-purpose” design.

Visual Harmony

As with any such project, a well-designed layout is crucial as it not only determines the visual harmony and balance of the piece in your venue. Proper use of the transparent properties can be used to tie in the wall behind or even create multiple overlapping panes. Since Vision can cut custom shapes, one is not tied to straight lines. Callouts, logo outlines, and more are possible. Take full advantage of your existing area and make these acrylic pieces flow with your mission outlook. Since these projects immediately call attention, craft a message with brief text, stunning photos, and clean graphics.