Acid Etch Window Frosting

Vision offers translucent vinyl materials that mimic acid etching to glass. This “frosted” vinyl can be used like other types of vinyl: contour cut letters and logos, large graphic shapes, and privacy panes. Originally a French technique, acid etching was a popular decorative addition to glass in the Victorian Era but continues to be used today for its elegant yet professional feel.

Acid etch vinyl frosting is an economic answer to actual chemical etching that permanently burns the glass surface with hydrofluoric acid. This allows flexibility to future designs and does not require new glass to be installed if a design or ownership changes in the future.

The effect is best used sparingly, letting the “line art” speak for itself without multiple colors. A simple, dignified design will showcase your logo on a glass entry or divider pane. Rather than shout its purpose with colors or effects, an etched logo states its importance. Used as a safety feature to architectural or interior design on glass panes in high-traffic areas, an etched design can notify a passerby without disturbing an overall aesthetic. Used in large panes to close off a conference room or office window wall, the acid etch vinyl effect is a diffusion of detail, not a barricade.