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A few weeks ago a local Automobile Manufacturer who just finished building a 40,000 sq.ft training facility in South Carolina called us to review a plan for installing graphics throughout their facility. Other than a request to have a “Welcome Wall” at the entrance, we were given a blank canvas.

Our designers started by reviewing an extensive library of beautiful photography available, and we decided to focus on the photography because the beautiful photos tell the story without words that training is the key to building beautiful cars.

Next, we presented an estimate with options that allowed our client to pick and choose what they needed to fit their budget. We used techniques that reflected the quality this automobile manufacturer uses every day in their manufacturing process. Maybe we can use these same techniques on your next project.

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)

Silicone Edge Graphics is a process by which the graphics are printed on special tension fabric using a high-resolution dye-sublimated printing method. The product is edged with a thin silicone strip which is sewn directly into the graphic. Some of the SEG’s were as large as 8’x16′ and required special equipment to install which we included as part of our clients’ estimate.



Patterned-Cut Acrylic

We use patterned-cut acrylic for welcome signage, room numbers, and more to add the extra touch of elegance deserved by our clients. Your deadlines are important to us, so we have invested in specialized equipment to handle cutting these signs in our shop without having to go to a third-party resource. Check out our Zund G3 cutters in action below.


Laminated Wallpaper 3M Decals

Did you ever think you could have your own custom wallpaper? Our 3M process allowed our client to show off their most beautiful work in a high-quality finish and beautiful, smooth installation. This created a “Wow” factor that impressed visitors when entering the space.


Design, layout, production, and installation.

Start to finish, this project was completed for our client in just 6 weeks. At Vision, we don’t just help you design and layout your graphics but we will produce and then professionally install them in a way that you can be assured they will stay put.

We have seen many graphics self-installed that eventually come down, due to improper installation. Our installers are experienced in the proper methods of installation of large-scale graphics or those in difficult to reach areas.

Let us help you impress customers and stakeholders in your own facility improvement project by bringing the space to life. Let us help you put your best foot forward.

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